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We are pioneers in the development of new technologies for professional cosmetics and antiage. Please see our catalog. Find the widest range of products for RF, ultrasound, electroporation, radiofrequency, magnetic, electrodes for many types of devices, and conventional creams by topical application. Always in the development of new techniques, technologies and ingredients, so that keeps us at the top of our segment. From more than 75 years ago we created new products to fight aging.

All our products are made of natural formulas and taking care of the ecology and environment. From our origin, we have a philosophy of morale working. Both in our laboratories and in research and development, Never under-use of animals in tests and never use animal products. All our innovations are tested for years before they come on the market and will only be approved if the results are scientifically proven.

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Vitamin C Liposome Directly to the skin

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Since 1976 we are in the research and development of new technologies in liposomes we have over 5 patents. We have a large product line with the liposomes technology than can be found in our catalog. What is a liposome? A liposome is a spherical vesicles having a membrane made of a double layer of phospholipids, which consists of parts made ​​of water-soluble and fat-soluble. Currently, they are used as carriers for various substances between the outside and inside of the cell, some of these substances are medicine or cosmetics, and is used in the biotechnology industry, including.

Studies have shown that vitamin C can be achieved via topical skin level 30 times higher than in the oral administration. Vitamin C is involved in the transformation process in hidróxidoproline proline essential component of collagen. Significantly promotes collagen production improving skin elasticity and a greater resistance of the wall of the capillaries. Neutralizes free radicals and regenerates vitamin E. Locally applied vitamin C prevents possible skin defects, since DNA damage by UVB.

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We specialize in professional cosmetic and anti aging, beauty clinics around the world choose us because we guarantee more than 75 years of experience. Always pioneers in our segment.